After a very late Saturday dancing and a very early Sunday boarding time, our plane touched down in Cancun Mexico. It wasn't even 10 am yet but at the carts outside of the airport they were selling Coronas on ice. Bienvenido a Mexico. :)

The months before our wedding were wallpapered with to-do lists written on stickies, Google Sheets and iPhone notes. We were excited to present a special day to those most precious to us and we were grateful to endeavor together in the bubbling creative cauldron that poured out the wedding day of our dreams. The full days and late nights of photoshoots, video editing, website building and prop creation were so worth it and the wedding was the gilded spectacle we had hoped it to be.  Now that the day was over, we ready to unplug, veg out, rehash our fondest wedding day memories over and over and dream about our future as The Nicolellas!

Our sun-drenched week in Playa Mujeres, Mexico was indeed relaxing. We ate too much food and spent lots of time at the beach enjoying the warm blue water (and endless frozen cocktails). Our favorite time at the resort, though, was every night at sundown. We'd perch ourselves around one of the inset fire pits near the swimming pools where, we figured out, the resort would place one bottle of champagne on ice and several flutes nightly. We would watch the moon rise over the ocean, sip bubbly together and enjoy the fire, stars and firelit-palm trees over our heads. Paradise. 

We ventured  to Isla Mujeres, a small island off the coast of Playa Mujeres. A catamaran delivered us to the island where golf carts far outnumber cars and mopeds outnumber them all. We drove a very ill-tuned golf cart to the opposite tip of the four mile long island and made a pitstop to see a sea turtle hatchery. At the island's end, we found some Mayan ruins, a lighthouse and local shops. The view from the lookout was gorgeous, a great view of the clear blue water below. 

Though we were excited to return to Brooklyn as husband and wife when the week ended, we thoroughly enjoyed the time away brushing up on our Spanish, getting tans, befriending iguanas and re-realizing over and over again that it was all real and we were really married!


The view of the pool from one of Emily's favorite spots on the resort - the cafe!

Reading under an umbrella on the beach. Not pictured : an ice cold mojito.

The streets of Isla Mujeres were colorful and vibrant!

Peaceful beach day on the lounge chairs napping and reading.

At the tip of Isla Mujeres was a great view of the blue water and rocky cliffs.


Saltamontes grande!

Husband sighting!

Blue water. Sigh.  

Views from a long walk along the peaceful shoreline.

Sailing to Isla Mujeres.

Hiding under these rings were some nice ring tan lines!

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