Currently, we are living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and digging it bigtime. The apartment is close to the things we want to be close to and in New York, this is the ultimate goal! We have been enjoying decorating the apartment and slowly making it feel more and more like our home. We cook at home often and really enjoy trying out different culinary techniques. Most recently we've been exploring the delicious world of fresh homemade pasta and can report that it is a good world. We like it. 

As of the end of March 2017, Emily celebrated her first work-anniversary at Squarespace. She works in Customer Operations there and gets to spend her days encouraging and assisting customers as they build and edit their websites. She loves their West Village office, a spacious workplace with coldbrew coffee on tap and a panoramic rooftop. She's also enjoying the world of fiber arts and makes woven wall hangings and pom pom necklaces you can check out here.  

Jake has been working at Gander, a Brooklyn-based boutique design studio, since last summer and gets to spend his days creating unique branding for companies, many of them also located in New York. Before his time at Gander, Jake worked at Penguin Random House designing book covers. He has recently been taking on freelance book cover projects and hopes to dive deeper into his passion of filmmaking in the years to come.

If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, look us up!

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